Tolong buatkan dialog/percakapan b. indonesia tema pendidikan tentang ujian. yang gokil


Tolong buatkan dialog/percakapan b. indonesia tema pendidikan tentang ujian. yang gokil


Jawaban yang benar diberikan: nainawahusein5048
Andi: hai anto , apa kabar ?
anto: baik ndi . oia , menurut lo gimana ya nanti kita ujian nasional ?
andi : ahh gue ma gampang tinggal tunggu aja jawaban dari anak anak entar paling dapet contekan dari guru .
anto : ahh masa lu ?
andi : iya bener , coba aja nanti kita liat gurunya pasti ngasih jawabannya .
anto: oke deh .

Jawaban yang benar diberikan: Aloysiaaputri7530
Dodo : hai bro, masih aja belajar?
rino : iya nih, biar dapat nilai Bagus.
dodo : ah, buat APA belajar? gak penting gitu lohh
rino : belajar ITU penting untuk masa depan. apalagi saat ujian.
dodo : oke Deh, kalau gitu belajar sama2 yuk.

Jawaban yang benar diberikan: LilyFifa6516

The Importance of English in Education

My dear friends, if we look at the glorious things man has achieved today, we can see the great role played by a common language that connects the whole world. And that language is none other than English. It has united the world. It has united us in universal brotherhood.

But the role of English is most evident in one’s education. There is no doubt that English is the language of learning. Most of the world’s books are written in English. Most of the research papers are published in English and one cannot even think of studying science without learning English. The internet has transformed our lives and it would be funny to imagine an internet without English.

The aim of Education is to create better citizens. It cultivates good manners and teaches children how to behave in social situations. Learning English also teaches good manners. For English is the politest of all languages. You cannot even think of a job interview without the words ‘good morning’.

So dear friends, let us mastering English. And the future is ours.

Jawaban yang benar diberikan: george2449
A: teman teman Main yuk Main bareng di taman depan rumahnya B. B: walaupun mainnya di depan rumahku, walaupun dekat, aku tidak ikut deh… Karena aku ingin belajar. Kalau kalian ingin main ya terserah deh Yang penting aku tidak ikut C: aku juga deh Aku ingin belajar bareng sama B A: ya sudah deh…,aku juga ikut kalian belajar, aku ingin nilaiku 10. Karena biasanya nilaiku hanya 7. Maaf kalau cuman segini ya Semoga membantu

Jawaban yang benar diberikan: ardirahmad22411
Assalamualaikum wr wb.
I thank God for giving the health and time to share a knowledge on this historic day, the day of national education.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
Indonesia is a big country, inhabited by hundreds of millions people includes islands spread widely. We have been independent since 1945, but I think Indonesia is not yet independent in terms of education. Although we have changed curricula almost every year, but it proved that the Indonesian education has not been able to compete with the developed countries. We tend to fall behind and have not been able to print a great human resources class as developed countries.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
I tried to draw a line to the back, and I get the irony which is really disappointing. In this very rich country, there are so many students drop out of school, do not have a uniform, and swim to go to school because of the broken bridge. It is an irony in the midst of our State assets.

Statistics of school buildings damaged and have not been improved are also too much. It is happening in the provinces that are far away from the center of government and gives continuing negative effect on the education system in the province itself.

Of course, a child who does not get an education will have difficulties in achieving a better stAndard of living in his future. You’ve seen that a lot of ignorance and poverty arise because so many crimes arising from poverty.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Education is a major key to get a better state order. Through proper and best education, we are able to print high-quality human resources, eradicate ignorance, and destroy poverty.

Therefore, let us together to be students and teachers that are diligent, sincere, and keep trying without the unyielding. We are Indonesia, a rich country that should have the best education. Do not give up on the fate of our nation today, and continues to struggle in gaining an independence education.

I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to convey these short useful messages.

Thank you for all the attention,
Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Jawaban yang benar diberikan: merdy9068
Siti : eh, bud kamu mau kemana?
budi : aku mau ke perpustakaan
siti : kenapa kamu rajin pergi ke perpustakaan?
budi : karena aku ingin pandai, dengan membaca buku
siti : yaudah kalau begitu aku ikut kamu ya…
budi : oke, ayo

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